School Milk

Natrel Lil Milk Fat Free & Low Fat School Milk Products.

Natrel School Milk

Natrel® shelf-fresh school milk is available in a variety of flavors:

  • New Fat Free Lactose Free White
  • 1% White
  • Fat Free Chocolate
  • Fat Free White
  • Fat Free Vanilla

Natrel School Milk is:

  • 100% Real Milk:
    • - rBST/rBGH free and same nutrition content as refrigerated milk
  • Stays fresh without refrigeration NATURALLY:
    • - No added preservative - it’s just milk
  • Extended shelf life, stays fresh for months:
    • - Through higher temperature pasteurization and Tetra Pak carton
  • Fits well with all meal planning programs:
    • - Same qualification as refrigerated milk

Usage occasions:

  • Lunch and breakfast
  • Fieldtrips
  • Satellite operations
  • Summer school
  • In-class feeding

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New Fat Free Lactose Free White
1% Milk
Fat Free Chocolate
Skim White
Fat Free Vanilla