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The business you bring to Agropur USA is important to your success; this is why the focus is always on your needs. Agropur leads the industry in contract manufacturing knowledge, customer experience, and packaging materials and options. Agropur’s proven record of quality and service will deliver the solutions you seek in contract manufacturing.

Agropur continues to update and increase the size and quality of our manufacturing facilities. With two locations in the US, Agropur is able to match all of your process needs. Agropur’s commitment to innovation provides the opportunity to increase the processing capacity and capability of our plants to better serve our customers. Agropur will continue to invest in contract manufacturing capabilities to meet the ever-evolving consumer dynamics and to provide continuously improving customer service.

Agropur's state-of-the-art blending and filling systems assure consistency and minimize waste, while our in-house laboratory can provide product performance results and analysis on every batch of your product.

Agropur processing capabilities include: FLUID MILK, PLANT BASED BEVERAGES, SHAKES, and BROTHS.

Agropur US Operating Capabilities:

  • HTST (High Temperature Short Time)
    • Traditional Dairy
    • 18-21 Day Shelf-Life
  • ESL (Extended Shelf Life)
    • 40-75 Day Shelf-Life
  • UHT Aseptic (Ultra High Temperature)
    • Shelf-Stable
    • 9-12 Month Shelf-Life

Agropur US Operating Facilities:

  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
    • HTST, ESL, Aseptic
    • SQF Certified
      • Level 3
      • Kosher
      • Organic by OTCO
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • Aseptic
    • SQF Certified
      • Level 3
      • Kosher
      • Organic by QAI

Check out our array of fluid beverage solutions in more detail:

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