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Aseptic Packaging: Providing the latest in product quality, shelf life and food safety.

With Aseptic capabilities in St. Paul, MN, and Grand Rapids, MI, to serve your needs, Agropur is poised to supply you and your customer throughout the United States and beyond.

At Agropur, we partner with Tetra Pak, Inc., for our Aseptic packaging solutions. The leader in the Aseptic industry, Tetra Pak is a strong partner further enabling Agropur to be the strongest possible partner for your contract manufacturing needs.

Packaging options:

Tetra Brik Aseptic is the best selling range of carton packages for liquid foods ever.

Sizes available:

  • Quart
  • Litre
  • 330 ml (11 oz.) and
  • 250 ml (8 oz.)

The Tetra Prisma Aseptic package combines attractive looks with great versatility, making it ideal for all sorts of consumer situations.

Main sizes available:

  • 330 ml (11 oz.) and
  • 250 ml (8 oz.).

The Tetra Aseptic packaging can be printed in a variety of finishes, including a metallised effect to give it even more shelf appeal.

What is Aseptic packaging technology?

An aseptic package has been sterilized prior to filling with UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated food, resulting in a product which is shelf stable for over 6 months.

Aseptic technology keeps food safe, fresh and flavorful for at least six months — without refrigeration or preservatives. It allows food to retain more color, texture, taste and nutrition. Our aseptic packaging offers a variety of package shapes, consumer convenience and economies in energy and packaging materials.

Using UHT treatment, liquid food products are exposed to brief, intense heating to temperatures in the range of 270 to 285 degrees Farenheight (135 to 140 degrees Celsius). UHT treatment is a continuous process that takes place in a closed system that prevents the product from being contaminated by airborne micro-organisms.

The product passes through heating and cooling stages in quick succession. Aseptic filling is an integral part of the process that avoids re-infection. The end result is a product that can be conserved for around six months without refrigeration.

Supporting the Environment:

Compared to more traditional packaging materials, Aseptic packaging lessen the environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

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