Lil Milk

Image of Natrel product packaging by Agropur USA.

Convenient Lil Milk is the ultimate portable milk product. 100% real, preservative free milk in a convenient shelf-stable package means you can take Lil Milk anywhere you go. Throw them in your cooler, diaper bag or back pack to take with you on your next adventure.

Lil Milk contains 9 essential nutrients, the same found in traditional refrigerated milk. Each carton includes a handy drinking straw, same as a juice box. 8 oz. Lil Milk is available in Chocolate, Strawberry and White, in a variety of fat contents: Whole, Reduced, Low and Fat Free.

What is shelf-stable milk?

Shelf stable milk is made using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization. UHT is a thermal process used to remove dangerous organisms from milk before putting it in the box. Micro-organisms are killed by heating the milk to 280 degrees for a very short period of time. Regular refrigerated milk is only heated to 180 degrees. The UHT milk is then packaged in a special Tetra Pak aseptic container, sealing in the natural goodness of milk for many months.