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Dyna Moo Milk to Debut at Twin Cities “Get In Gear” Event on April 30

ST. PAUL, MINN. – April 22, 2011 – St. Paul-based Agropur Natrel USA, formerly known as Schroeder Company, is launching its new Dyna Moo™ milk – a single-serve, shelf stable post-workout recovery beverage that combines the natural nutrition benefits of milk with dynamic packaging graphics most commonly found in the functional/energy drink categories. The graphics include a fun, distinctive-looking cow mascot running, with the tag line “Recharge. Rebound. Recover” which reinforces Dyna Moo milk as an ideal recovery beverage after physical exercise. Chocolate milk is a nutrient-rich powerhouse that provides the fuel kids and adults need to refuel and rehydrate their bodies. Dyna Moo milk will make its national debut at the “Get In Gear” event – a 10K, 5K, 2K, half-marathon race – in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 30. Runners will receive Dyna Moo milk in their race packets to consume after the race to help them recover.

“Consumers are beginning to look at milk in an entirely new way,” said Eric Jacobson, Marketing Director of Agropur Natrel USA. “They are thinking of milk as a fitness and post-exercise drink, and we want Dyna Moo milk to be their milk of choice. Dyna Moo milk is a great tasting recovery beverage option that is convenient for on-the-go active lifestyles because it is shelf stable and you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. And since 95 percent of moms are encouraging their kids to drink more milk, Dyna Moo milk provides an easy way for moms to include it in their kids’ lunch boxes, backpacks and sport bags.”¹ Studies suggest that low fat chocolate milk has the right mix of high-quality protein and carbs to help athletes recover, and build and refuel muscles after exercise.² Penny for penny, no other sports drink has the same vitamins and minerals found in chocolate milk. Research suggests that what you eat and drink the two hours after exercise can have a big impact on how you recover – refueling, rehydrating and rebuilding your muscles so you’re in top shape for the next workout.³ Proper hydration like drinking chocolate milk after a workout can help keep active families in top shape.

Dyna Moo milk is the same milk as the milk in the refrigerated section of grocery stores except that it is aseptic shelf stable milk which means that thanks to aseptic technology – a combination of ultra-high temperature pasteurization and sterilized packaging – a sterile atmosphere is maintained within the container so you can store Dyna Moo milk for up to 7 months without refrigeration. It is a nutrient powerhouse packed with 9 important nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D and potassium—3 of the 4 nutrients most likely to be missing in American diets. Dyna Moo milk is single-serve milk in a juice box-like package with an expandable straw and pull tab so it can be consumed directly from the carton. It has no preservatives and is hormone-free, and is the ultimate convenient milk which gives parents the opportunity to serve children milk as an anytime snack option, addressing their concerns of having a nutritious and convenient beverage solution for their kids.

Dyna Moo milk will soon be available in grocery retail locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, which will be followed by other markets around the country. It will be offered in one percent low fat chocolate and white milk varieties. To learn more about Dyna Moo milk and where you can find it, go to and

About Agropur Division Natrel USA

Agropur Division Natrel USA is a dairy contract packaging company and complete fluid dairy processor in Minnesota and surrounding states. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities produce a wide range of products including Schroeder brand dairy and beverage products, Parmalt brand of shelf stable milk (the leading brand of shelf stable white milk in the U.S.), and Natrel Lil’ Milk brand shelf stable milk. Utilizing the latest production methods and technology, Agropur Division Natrel USA produces products that are served in homes and foodservice locations around the U.S. and Latin America.

In 2008, Schroeder Company became part of Agropur Cooperative, a leading manufacturer of dairy products in Canada. Agropur is continuing the quality reputation of the Schroeder Company. Officially known as Agropur Division Natrel USA, the Schroeder legacy still exists through the great tasting products, its people, expertise and well-known brands.

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