Welcome to Agropur Division Natrel USA

Agropur Division Natrel is a complete fluid dairy processor with locations in St. Paul, MN, and Grand Rapids, MI. Our capabilities include HTST, ESL and aseptic processing. We have a full line of traditional dairy items under the Schroeder brand available in Minnesota and surrounding states. Branded aseptic products are available throughout Minnesota, the Eastern US and Puerto Rico. Our Contract Manufacturing division works with National brand owners throughout the country.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our products and company. Contacts us with any questions.

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Have You Seen The New Natrel Helicap?

Over the years we have received feedback from our customers about the old Recap flip cap top on our package. We listened to our customers and upgraded our packaging to the new re-sealable Helicap twist cap package. Helicap is a cap that allows your quart size milk carton to have a better pour, a better seal, and an easier experience. It is a one-step easy open process that removes the need for a pull-tab yet provides the safety of knowing the package was not tampered with by the easily visible tamper ring. The aluminum seal gets flipped under the package at opening so do not be concerned when you do not see a foil.

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